Children's Respiratory Support Organic Herbal Tincture
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Children's Respiratory Support Organic Herbal Tincture

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Children's Respiratory Support Herbal Tincture supports children's respiratory and immune systems when they are congested and coughing. Comprised of natural, organic, safe herbs for kids, such as Elderberry, Wild Cherry Bark and Thyme.

Children Respiratory Support herbal tincture is my go-to remedy for coughs, colds, and congestion, especially when combined with Children’s Healing Herbal Bath.

Children LOVE the sweet taste, so it is easy to give to them! 

Intended for children 6 months and older.

Children's Respiratory Support Suggested Use: Take 1 drop per 5 pounds of body weight, 1-5 times a day as needed.

Proprietary Blend: Organic Elderberry, Organic Wild Cherry Bark, Organic Oregon Grape Root, Organic Thyme, Organic Rose Hips, Vegetable Glycerine, and Deionized Water. 

Serving size: 3-30 drops

Servings per container: 30-100

1 Ounce / 30 mL

Herb Strength Ratio: 1:2.2

Daily Value (450mg/ml)

Children's Respiratory Support does not contain any milk, dairy, soy, egg, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, or gluten.

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