Why We Are Proudly Sponsoring No Child Wet Behind & Why You Should Too!

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Did you know that one in three families struggle to diaper their children?

Families with this need have no where to turn because diapers aren't covered under government programs like WIC or Food Stamps. Reports show that children suffer from hygiene issues or have an increased risk of abuse or infanticide. 

Arkansas Baby wants to bring awareness to diapering issues.

There are some amazing lending programs to support these families like GroVia Gives or The Rebecca Foundation. These programs are available to lend diapers to families  who would otherwise struggle to diaper their children. While these are AMAZING ways to give back to families in a sustainable and natural ways, cloth diapering isn't always an option for families.
Often, families who are in need don't have access to clean water or have washing machines in their homes. That would mean trekking around town with a dirty diaper pail to find a place to wash their diapers. Public transportation and their patrons would not be permitting due to the smell diapers can get after sitting and many (if not most) public washing facilities do not allow heavily soiled laundry to go through the facility.

There needs to be another option available.

No Child Wet Behind is a national non-profit offering the option of disposable diapers to families struggling to diaper their children. Diapers donated go to help local families right here in Little Rock, Arkansas and across the state.
While disposables are not great for the environment, neither are suffering children. Join us in supporting our Arkansas No Child Wet Behind chapter by bringing in disposable diapers to our in-store drop off location. Make sure to RSVP to the No Child Wet Behind Diaper Drive and 5k event happening May 7, 2017 to show your support!

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