Breastfeeding From A Bottle: Your Questions Answered!

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mason bottle glass arkansas baby little rock
We love being a great resource in the central Arkansas community for natural parenting advice! But sometimes, even we don't have all the answers which is why we brought in a specialist for this blog!

paula breastfeeding IBCLC arkansas family doulasMeet Paula Ross, RN, IBCLC with Arkansas Family Doulas. As a mother and a registered nurse with Baptist Health in Little Rock, Arkansas, her best advice to parents is: "Read everything you can and ultimately trust your own mothering instincts!" She has been supporting breastfeeding families for 10 years was so kind as to let us interview her for some of the many questions breastfeeding questions we get from you! 

I've pumped my breastmilk, how long can I store it in the fridge/freezer?

"You may hear different answers to this question. For a healthy, full-term baby the sooner the milk is used, the more nutrients it has, so up to 4 days is ideal (Baptist Health uses "the rule of 4s"). But milk can last longer up to 8 days, without spoiling and still be okay. Milk that's been in the refrigerator for 8 days, if it doesn't smell or taste spoiled, still has more nutritional value for human babies than formula."

I don't care to store my milk in plastic because of waste, BPAs, etc. What are my alternatives?

"Glass bottles are a good alternative." 
mason bottle glass arkansas baby little rock

What is the best way to reheat my frozen breastmilk?

"Using a bottle warmer or pan of warm (not hot) water."

Shaking vs. Swirling? How do I mix my separated milk?

"In my days as a NICU nurse, I was taught to swirl rather than shake, as shaking would denature the proteins and swirling would help the fat to mix better. There is no evidence supporting this practice, and it is now believed that we couldn't possibly shake a bottle with enough force to damage nutrients in breastmilk. So do what you prefer."
If you are looking for a safe alternative to plastic bottles, look no further. The Mason Bottle is a great glass alternative to plastic, making storing and reheating your milk easy! All quality mason jars are made from tempered glass making them less prone to breaking when dropped and can go right in the dishwasher.
Every Mason Bottle DIY kit comes with two wide silicone nipples to help ease the transition from breast to bottle, a protective cap and silicone sleeve to add even more protection. Plus, Paula thinks they are really cute ;) 

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mason bottle glass arkansas baby little rock

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